The modern world of professional sports is evolving quickly. Your success depends on more than just how you perform on the court, but off it as well. We help our talent prepare and execute a tailored approach to get the most out of their God-given skills and abilities.


1) Player Development


Strategic Planning

In order to reach success in professional sports, you need a plan in place. We work closely with our athletes to strategically plan for their futures and set goals for growth.

Contract Negotiations

Troy caupain signing a contract with the orlando magic during nba summer league 2018. (photo credit:  @caupain10 on instagram )

Troy caupain signing a contract with the orlando magic during nba summer league 2018. (photo credit: @caupain10 on instagram)

Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned veteran, negotiating professional basketball contracts is a skill we can help with. We’ll prepare you for what to expect and how to get the most value out of your contract.

Draft & Combine Preparations

Entering the NBA draft is an exciting, but sometimes stressful experience. We work tirelessly to get you the exposure needed to get the most out of your draft stock. We’ll make contact with all NBA teams to make sure your name is familiar with the league’s decision-makers.

We also help prepare you for the NBA Summer League, and NBA Draft Combine, which are both imperative opportunities to showoff what you bring to the table.

2) Personal Branding


Brand Management

Being thrust into the spotlight almost overnight can be overwhelming. As an NBA player, you are put under a spotlight and must adhere to a new style of living. Don’t get us wrong, the lifestyle is great! We’re simply here to guide you on decisions that pertain to your personal brand. We want our players to have a positive influence on the sport of basketball and its growing fan-base. We also want to see our players maximize their personal brands’ potential.

We work closely with our talent to expose opportunities to leverage their brands. It might be a shoe deal, car brand endorsement or an opportunity to become a spokesperson on a cause that you care about. Whatever it may be, we work to find opportunities for you to build and grow your brand as more than just an athlete.

Media Training



As you grow recognition as an NBA player, you will be asked to do an increasing amount of media appearances. We help our talent strengthen their public speaking skills, understand key messaging and use their camera time to build on their personal brand.

We want each interaction with media to be a genuine, yet positive experience. At Durrant Sports Management, we believe that as a professional athlete you should conduct yourself as that - professionally.

Marketing & Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool you can use to market your brand as a professional athlete, but also as a person with family, friends and interests. We provide guidance on building, growing and maintaining your brand online.

3) Professional Development


Rookie Transitioning

There is a lot to learn when you enter the NBA as a rookie. There is a new dynamic that you will need to adjust to, and we can help ease that process. With a new set of teammates, in a new part of the country, with a bit more money in your pocket, we are by your side to make sure the decisions you make are with growth in mind.

Business Consulting & Development

At Durrant Sports Management, we are a team with extensive experience in sports, athlete management and business. Many players are interested in finding business or investment opportunities, but don’t know where to start. We can help consult on your business decisions to make sure you are protecting yourself.

Post-Career Services

Unfortunately, a career as a professional athlete can only last as long as the body will allow. We help our talent prepare for life after the game. There are plenty of opportunities to still be involved in elite basketball without wearing a jersey. Whatever route you want to take, we are here to help you plan for a future of continued success after the NBA.

Are you seeking representation as a player in the nba?

Durrant Sports Management is a full-service athlete management agency. With a licensed NBA agent on our team, and an expanding support staff, we are full equipped to help high-calibre basketball talent take their game to the next level.